Avoid Scam

There are many trading brokers out there. Some are reliable brokers; however, some are scammers you should avoid. Before you start investing your money, make sure that your broker is a reliable broker. Below, is a list of things you should take into consideration with every broker in order to avoid scammers:

Regulated broker

A reliable broker is a regulated broker. The function of regulation is to protect clients and ensure that brokers will operate under strict supervision complying to regulation standards. Invest505, operating under the brand name of Invest505,  Reg. No. 111866 registered in Marshall Islands, Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro,Marshall Islands MH9690

Safe and secure trading

Before depositing funds with a broker, always make sure that the broker secures all sensitive information using the standard industry protection. Invest505 secures client’s funds by using the highest standard PCI scan and SSL certificate. More so, traders’ funds are kept in separate accounts with trusted banks.

Real client’s verification

A reliable broker will verify the authenticity of new clients. Invest505 clients are subject to a verification process authenticating clients identity.

Awareness to risk

Any trading involves risk. A reliable broker will make sure to remind clients that there is a risk associated with trading, and that clients should not trade carelessly without considering the risks.

Funds withdrawal

Needless to say, that a reliable broker will allow clients to withdraw their funds when they choose to, while making the withdrawal process transparent. As a regulated broker operating under strict regulatory supervision, Invest505 enables clients to withdraw their funds in a simple process.

Customer support

A reliable broker will provide prompt assistance to every client’s needs and queries. Invest505 multilingual customer support team is available around the clock to help clients in any issue that may arise.